The Aia is a place to acclimate; to drop in and drop out at the same time.

The bed & breakfast is located in the heart of Salento: just a 5 minute drive to the historic center of Nardò and a 5 minute drive to the sea. The property is situated on 2 hectares / 5 acres of land which proudly grows a variety  of fruits and vegetables, as well as olives, walnut trees and more. The bed & breakfast has 7 rooms, all with their own private bathroom and all have a door that goes to the exterior of the house.

Weekly events that occur at the Aia include yoga classes and outdoor cinema and wine night under the stars. Whether you want to stay back and stare into the Salento sky, go cliff jumping, lay all day in a hammock, go fishing, hiking, have an evening drink by the sea, or hop on a bike and explore- the Aia is it. Although, Salento is a strange and magical land, and personally I recommend exploring it all.

at the aia bed & breakfast


I’ve spent the better part of my life living between New York City and Santa Caterina (Salento) until one summer a few summers back I decided to take a leap of faith and move here indefinitely. And alas, I opened the Aia. The bed & breakfast At The Aia is an amalgamation of my life thus far. In NYC I studied Chinese Medicine where I received a license to practice acupuncture. This opened my world to alternative forms of healing and living in general. Here at the Aia people from all around the world come through offering their talent and sharing with others what they have learned along the way. Check out events page for more info.


Additionally, clients of the bed & breakfast can book with the resident massage therapist. Partake in the weekly yoga series. Enjoy movie night under the stars and the open sky. Rent bikes from the property. And we are available to facilitate any additional activities such as cooking classes, wine tasting, private walking tours, hiking excursions and a whole lot more. 

Breakfast: all homemade, local ingredients, 100% farm to table.


Wellness week is a carefully studied week of activities that allows travelers to experience the historical context of their surroundings though the physical medium of movement.

Wellness is not limited only to purifying, wellness is also about letting go and being kind to ourselves.


The Food & Culture week is a week to let our sense guide us all the while experiencing what this mysterious and magical land is all about.


Meet your yoga teacher Kamal, born in  England with Indian roots. Kamal studied the yoga discipline in India and is a certified Hatha yoga teacher.

In Kamal’s classes you will explore different asanas, flows and breathing techniques to help ignite your inner strength, find your balance, your focus and teach you to accept  where we are today…and not where ‘we were’.

Her gift in connecting with people makes every lesson feel personal, fun, varied, full of energy and rewarding.


We’re located at Contrada Carignano Grande n. 52, about a 7 minute drive from the center of Nardò, in the Province of Lecce.